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Time Restricted Eating and Human Health Part 2

Time Restricted Eating and Human Health Part 2 - themanualtherapist.com

Effects of Time Restricted Eating on Human Health

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Time-restricted feeding is an intermittent fast which consists in limiting the daily feeding period. However, the definition of the restriction is still imprecise in studies on humans and varies from 8 to 12 h, depending on the sources. First, the nomenclature used to describe the type of time-restricted feeding practiced is standardized:

TRE followed by the number of hours of feeding and fasting in a 24-h period, separated by a slash.

For example, TRE 8/16 indicates:
  • Restriction of the daily feeding period to 8 h for a 16 h fast.
  • Out of 22 studies in the review, only 1 practiced a restriction equal to 12 h or less.
  • All the others having limited daily nutrition to a window of 10 h or less.
  • The 8/16 variant is the most common form of TRE ( >50% of the trials).
  • The food window can also be varied during the day.
For example:
  • Early TRE (eTRE), in which the feeding period started earlier in the day.
  • Delayed or late TRE (dTRE) delays the intake of the first meal.
  • TRE is generally an every day water and ad libitum fast, which means that participants can eat until satiety without ay restriction on the quality or quantity of food intake.
  • However some used an iso-caloric protocols (having the same amount of calories each day).

These characteristics show that TRE could be adaptable to the participants eating habits, which may positively influence dietary adherence.

3. Adherence and Effects on Calorie Consumption
4. Metabolic Effects
5. Effects on Circadian Clock and Other.
6. Conclusions

Adafer et al. 2020. Food Timing, Circadian Rhythm and Chrononutrition: A Systematic Review of Time-Restricted Eating’s Effects on Human Health. Nutrients 2020, 12, 3770; doi:10.3390/nu12123770

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