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Top 5 Fridays! 5 Steps to Reframe Maladaptive Beliefs and Misconceptions

5 Steps to Reframe Maladaptive Beliefs and Misconceptions -


Patients often present to the clinic with a variety of preconceived beliefs and perceptions that will shape their experience.

The beliefs that we hold are often critical and essential to the identity we display. But what happens when those beliefs are built from irrational theories and are detrimental towards their health?

As health care practitioners, it is not only important for us to help patients make sense of their pain but it is pertinent that we address any maladaptive belief guiding them towards a more logical way of thinking.

However, if you really think about how you came to believe the things you feel are important, you would know it didn’t happen overnight. 

So don’t expect the same for your patients. Instead, develop a process where you slowly integrate new thoughts and ideas into their mind allowing them to rationalize them into new beliefs.

Here are 5 steps in accomplishing this difficult task as described similar to the art of planting a flower with a patient who believes their back is damaged and will not heal: 
5 Steps to Reframe Poor Beliefs and Misconceptions by Cameron Faller

👉Find a Healthy Environment - Ensure the patient is willing and ready to accept new ideas and may be open to conversation. 

👉Plant Some Seeds - Begin by skillfully planting seeds (ideas) that may contradict or falsify their belief.

👉Add Adequate Water and Nutrients - As the patient starts to become skeptical, utilize contextual factors to slowly add in support for a new belief.

Keep it Cared For - Continue supporting 👉any new beliefs by helping your patient rationalize their initial experience and thought process justifying why it may have been incorrect

👉Watch it Thrive - Motivate your patient to hold onto new beliefs by reminding them of all their accomplishments and improvements from when they first began.
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