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Top 4 Fridays! 4 Ways to Break a Bad Habit

4 Ways to Break a Bad Habit -

4 Ways to Break a Bad Habit

Only four again this week, but I can assure you these 4 methods can be extremely powerful when utilized within the right context.

Last week, I shared 4 ways to make and keep a habit as taken from the book “Atomic Habits” written by James Clear, and in that book, James also provides a great message on breaking bad habits. The thought process is very simple. Everything you need to do to make and keep a good habit, you just have to do the opposite when breaking a bad habit.

To 4 Ways to Break a Bad Habit by Cameron Faller
  • Make it Invisible - Whether it’s a pack of cigarettes or it’s sugary fats, put these items in places that you never go to. Out of sight, out of mind.
  • Make it Unattractive - Associate your habit with thoughts and feelings of something that doesn’t sound pleasant. Make it appear to be something that doesn’t look all that fun.
  • Make it Difficult - Create barriers and obstacles in your way to reach the bad habit. If sleeping in is the habit you want to break, make it really difficult to set off your alarm which will inherently help you in waking earlier.
  • Make it Unsatisfying - Take rewards away from you if you find yourself doing the bad habit. Create an environment that is unsatisfying which only makes it that much more difficult to go through with your bad habit.
James dives into these four steps into much more detail in his book and if you are looking for a great read to really begin that resolution you have tried and failed before, or to finally break that habit you have fallen off the horse with so many times, I highly recommend purchasing his book to learn more.

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