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FAI Rehab Protocol Part 3 - Core Exercises

FAI Rehab Protocol Part 3 - Core Exercises - themanualtherapist.com

Exercise Rehab Protocol
Femoroacetabular Impingement Syndrome (FAI) [SERIES] 3/5

Part 2 - Postural Exercises is here.

Teaching patients to improve core stabilization is another key intervention, as it is the fulcrum of the functional kinetic chain.

Recruitment of the ‘core’ stabilizes the abdomen and lumbar spine and facilitates movement of the extremities and spine.

Early stages should involve work in the supine position to coordinate breathing with abdominal drawing or hollowing, similar to the postural exercise focus.
  • Quadruped bird-dog
  • Supine dead- bug
  • exercises offer challenges to core stabilization.
The Watkins-Randall exercise progression provides a continuum for the dead-bug exercise.
  • Next, upper or lower extremity motion can be sequentially added before advanced variations of simultaneous upper and lower extremity motion are implemented.
  • prone and side-plank variations challenge core stabilization.
  • Next, progress to rotational exercises from seated, kneeling, and standing postures.
Using a nonoperative protocol, patients demonstrated improved core strength and endurance when they achieved a score of 4/5 on the double straight-legged raise test and maintained neutral alignment for 60 seconds while in a prone plank. A timed side plank has also been used to assess patient progress.

In the coming posts, more advanced progressions and exercises will be featured, including
  • Hip Strength & Motor Control Exercises
  • Flexibility and Mobility Exercises

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