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Top 5 Fridays! 5 Types of Fallacies You Should Be Aware Of Part 1

5 Types of Fallacies You Should Be Aware Of Part 1 -

Detecting errors in reasoning can set you up for a better understanding of how to interpret scientific data. Many writers, willingly or unintentionally, report claims with logically incorrect reasoning that undermines the validity of their argument.

5 Types of Fallacies to be Aware of Part II by Cameron Faller

Being able to detect these logical fallacies helps you speculate on the factual data aiding in clinical decision making.

👉Strawman - This fallacy occurs when someone tries to oversimplify or misinterprets a statement to make it easier to attack.

👉Bandwagon - It may seem easy to follow the crowd when discussing certain topics, but just because the majority believes a proposition is true, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s true.

👉Appeal to Authority - This occurs when relying heavily on the opinion of someone you look up to or is well known. Just because someone in a position of power believes something to be true, doesn't make it true.

👉False Dilemma - Most topics exist on a spectrum allowing a lot of gray area to be explored. By presenting these complex issues into a “this” or “that” tries to condense the topic into two mutually exclusive options.

👉Hasty Generalization - Drawing widespread conclusions based on a small sample of evidence leads to this fallacy. This happens quite often in the literature when the researchers utilized a small subset of the general population.

The point of understanding these fallacies is to not attack others that have wrongfully mistaken these errors for valid arguments, but more so for you to critically appraise these arguments when deriving conclusions.

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