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Top 5 Fridays! Develop Power with These 5 Band Resisted Jump Exercises

Develop Power with These 5 Band Resisted Jump Exercises -

💥 Band Resisted Jumps 🧨

🎇 Building force production capabilities and the ability to express power are true staples of athleticism. Jumping, whether in the squat position or split squat position, is a key movement skill necessary to excel in athletics.

🧠Learning how to jump and land is one thing. However, learning how to jump continuously in short bouts allows you to build a rhythm for better sequencing and coordination. Athletes need to be reactive to do well in sports, so this is a way to add a base layer to that skill.

🎯After the base layer has been developed, we can then appropriately dose in reactive jumps to aid in the ability of the athlete to react and produce force. Implementing reactive jumps allows for you as the coach to see how smoothly your athletes can produce a single bout of force at game speed.

🔑The addition of the band is another way to overload the system and challenge the athlete with resistance against their jumps. Start with bodyweight alone for these progressions, and then advance to using the bands.

✅ Progressions series:

1. Band Resisted Continuous Squat Jump

2. Band Resisted Continuous Split Squat Jump

3. Band Resisted Continuous Alt. Split Squat Jump

4. Band Resisted Reactive Squat Jump

5. Band Resisted Reactive Split Squat Jump

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