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The Problem with Traditional Physical Therapy Conferences

The Problem with Traditional Physical Therapy Conferences -

As physical therapists, it’s our job to rise above the noise and become influencers in our communities.


I thought that by going to typical physical therapy conferences, I could get closer to that goal. I did what everyone told me: marketed to physicians, took out print ads, sponsored the local football stadium, etc. But it didn’t work.  


Patients pay their physician a copay, so why would they pay me (the “technician”) more?

 When I was trying to rely on the marketing strategies above, that’s the patient mindset I ran into a lot.

 Have you ever had a patient who was prescribed PT three days a week for 12 weeks, but you determined you only needed to see them once a week to get the desired result? What that tells you is this: because you’re just the “technician,” you don’t get to be the decision-maker.

If we rely on marketing to physicians, we become technicians instead of the Doctors we are.

 Overall, I never found a PT conference where I could learn the strategies that I needed to make my cash practice successful.

 Why would I go and learn things that didn’t apply to my business when I could be helping patients and generating revenue?

 The truth is, they just don’t listen. They’re not paying attention to YOU, the small business owner.

 And if they’re not listening, how can they teach you relevant marketing strategies?

 I want you to know that you’re not alone. It’s not your fault that you’ve gotten this far and feel like there’s no opportunity. That’s what they want you to think. They live in a scarcity mindset, and we need to rise above it.

 There are plenty of people with back pain in the world, and trust me: not all of them are getting PT. Go find them.

Guess what? I hosted a conference of my own back in March… for YOU! Check it out.


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