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Top 5 Fridays! 5 Facts About Dynamic Knee Valgus

5 Facts About Dynamic Knee Valgus -


Dynamic knee valgus has been a topic of debate for many clinicians that work with athletes or others with knee related pathologies.

Evidence can be conflicting when relating dynamic knee valgus to injury or pain.

To date, there are at least 5 theories that we have gained through research that discuss dynamic knee valgus.
5 Facts About Dynamic Knee Valgus by Cameron Faller

👉Dynamic knee valgus is a normal movement pattern - We see this very often in sports. What we know is that performance of dynamic knee valgus once or a few times is not detrimental, but the more repetitive it becomes, or placed under higher loads, the less it should occur.

👉There is no relationship when screening for knee valgus and predicting injury - A prospective study found no correlation when determining injury risk to the ankle or knee. However, the sample size was small with a low occurrence of injury over the years which may underestimate the results. 

👉Dynamic knee valgus CANNOT be corrected, only controlled - Focusing on helping athletes and patients control their knee under higher loads is a lot more feasible than prevention altogether.

👉 Education about its relation to injury mechanisms and jump training have been shown to reduce injury risk - Despite a low correlation of predicting injury, another study found that education about it's injury mechanism along with jump training focusing on knee control both significantly reduced injury risk.

👉Gender gaps exist with females displaying greater knee valgus angles during a vertical drop test - Females are also more likely to tear their ACL, but attributing it to the sole fact that they exhibit higher knee valgus angles is not entirely true. This indicates a false assumption in which further evidence is needed to truly underline the pluralistic view of the higher incidence rates.

Taking an extremist view on both ends is unhelpful as dynamic knee valgus cannot be avoided, but individuals should have an understanding of how to control it.

Future research is still needed to fill in the variety of gaps that still exist today.

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