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Top 4 Fridays! 4 Nordic Hamstring Curl Progressions

🎯The traditional Nordic Hamstring Curl (NHC) is a challenging, yet effective way to build posterior chain strength most notably in the hamstring musculature. There's plenty of research and literature out there stating how important it is to incorporate the NHC, to some extent, in your overall training program.
Video and post from @matthewibrahim_ - reposted with permission

🏈Watch the first video to see NFL Pro Wide Receiver @cheetah perform the traditional NHC without any assistance. Keep in mind that he is a professional athlete with a strong posterior chain, and also someone who has developed a high level of speed and power.

🔑The reality is that performing the traditional NHC is quite challenging for a lot of folks. However, you don't need to perform the traditional version and full range of motion in order to reap the benefits of this exercise. You can still build hamstring strength and durability by utilizing some form of assistance while placing a strong emphasis on the eccentric (lowering) component.

🧱Build your strength and competency with these progressions below. Once you've mastered these, then give the traditional NHC a shot.

1. Band Assisted Nordic Hamstring Drop w/ 5-Second Eccentric

2. Nordic Hamstring Drop w/ 5-Second Eccentric

3. Nordic Hamstring Mid Iso

4. Nordic Hamstring Curl w/ Minimal Push-Off Assistance

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