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Top 5 Fridays! 5 Exercises for Runners

🏃🏻‍♂️5 Exercises for Runners⤵️

Reposted with permission from my pal Matt Ibrahim

1. Plate Overhead Iso w/ 1-Leg Linear Pogo Jump ⠀

🎯Essentially, running is repeated jumping, which is similar to plyometrics. In that regard, it becomes crucial to prepare the heavy hitters in the ankle complex (ankle joint, Achilles tendon, gastrocnemius and soleus) through ballistic efforts with force absorption and propulsion as focal points. ⠀

2. Copenhagen Plank ⠀ 

💥We know that the hamstrings are important in running and sprinting. However, we don't always associated the groin (adductor) muscles as being as important. We should be though, since they neighbor the hamstring muscles and become key factors in hip and knee health. 

3. Nordic Hamstring Mid Iso ⠀

 🧠Speaking of the hamstrings... Most folks just aren't ready to jump directly into the Nordic Hamstring Curl or even the eccentric (lower down) version of it quite yet. That's why this isometric (hold) exercise variation works quite well as a happy medium. ⠀ 

4. DB Planted Step-Up w/ Knee Drive ⠀ 

💡We need to load hip flexion if we want our hip flexor muscle group to respond well to running. Think of what an athlete must do during the action of running and you'll soon realize how important strong and healthy hip flexors are for this activity. ⠀ 

5. DB Goblet Lateral Lunge to Curtsy Lunge ⠀ 

⚙️Running is primarily performed in the sagittal plane (forward and reverse) of motion. Runners spend the majority of their time there and likely at high volumes, which makes it important to strength train and be prepared for loading in the frontal plane (side to side) of motion.

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