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Chronic Ankle Instability: What Structures are Weak?

Chronic Ankle Instability:

Strength Deficits
After ankle injury, some individuals develop chronic ankle instability and repetitively injure their ankle.
This can be a frustrating and debilitating problem for many athletes.
Understanding if specific strength deficits exist can guide and inform the rehab process to resolve chronic ankle instability.
Khalaj et al. (2020), systematically reviewed the literature to determine whether impairments in lower limb muscle strength exist in individuals with chronic ankle instability (CAI) compared with uninjured controls.
12,397 unique studies identified.
20 included.
16 eligible for meta-analysis. .
Meta-analyses showed individuals with CAI (when compared to controls) had lower:
Eccentric evertor strength
Concentric evertor strength
Eccentric invertor strength
Concentric invertor strength
Concentric knee extensor strength .
Ankle eccentric dorsiflexor strength was not different between groups. .
Although pooling was not possible, data from three separate studies indicated individuals with CAI (when compared to controls) had lower::
Hip flexor.
Hip Abductor.
Hip External rotator strength.
Hip adductor and extensor strength were not lower in individuals with CAI.
Individuals with CAI have ankle inversion and eversion strength deficits. .

Differences exist between individuals with CAI and controls in hip and knee strength. .

These elements of the kinetic chain should be evaluated by clinicians who rehabilitate individuals with CAI.
Thoughts? Questions? Comments?
Write them below. .
Khalaj N, Vicenzino B, Heales LJ, et al. Is chronic ankle instability associated with impaired muscle strength? a systematic review with meta-analysis. BJSM. Online First: 14 January 2020.

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