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Top 5 Fridays! 5 Scapular Control Exercises

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👀 In follow-up to a post on scapular winging, today’s post covers some of my favorite exercises for training the muscles that surround the scapulae.
Reposted with permission from @rehabscience

🧠 The scapulae are flat bones that serve as attachment sites for 18 muscles. These muscles act to move the scapula through six movements, which include: elevation, depression, upward rotation, downward rotation, protraction, and retraction.
🔎 As was discussed yesterday, scapular winging involves a lifting of the medial scapular border off of the rib cage and is not a sign of pathology in many cases. In situations where a long thoracic nerve injury has been sustained or shoulder complex hypermobility is leading to functional issues, exercises, like those shown here, can be helpful in terms of regaining scapular control.
1️⃣Cable Row
2️⃣Scapular Y
3️⃣Landmine Press
4️⃣Shoulder Clocks - The key in this exercise is to prevent the shoulder blade from winging when your weight is on one arm.
5️⃣Scapular Plus - This exercise specifically targets the serratus anterior muscle, which is the main muscle involved in limiting scapular winging.
✅Give these a try and let me know if you any questions.

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