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Top 3 Marketing Ideas for New and Seasoned CashPT Owners

For today’s special blog post, I wanted to share the top three marketing strategies we use in our clinic. They work no matter what type of business you have: brick and mortar, gym, mobile, concierge, even Telehealth. They’re for both seasoned and new cash-practice owners, so get ready!

First off, I wanted to start by saying sometimes what’s broken may not be your marketing. You may have a sales and conversion problem. Just keep that in mind if you’re struggling. (For instance, you can’t fix bad customer service with more marketing!)

Alright, here are my top three marketing strategies!

Workshops and Injury Assessments

These both involve getting out into the community and teaching people how physical therapy can be beneficial for them. They get people onto your list and you can provide value in the form of worksheets or training videos, etc. I would aim to do at least one of these a month.

Email Marketing

No, email marketing is not dead! It just comes down to using an email software and making the emails seem as personal as possible. Training people to look for your emails will help with your open rates as well. For instance, you can let them know after workshops you will be sending them a training through their email!


For us, this one means if someone buys two massage gift certificates for others, they get one free massage for themselves. This is less for physical therapy and more for straight body work things; it can also be for any products you sell in your clinic. This is perfect for Black Friday!

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