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Top 5 Fridays! 5 Things to do for Proximal Hamstring Tendinopathy

Another great and simple infographic by Brad Beer - Running.Physio on instagram. Follow him! It's a good progression to follow that includes rest, desensitization, and eventual loading strategies.
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[PROXIMAL HAMSTRING TENDINOPATHY TIPS] πŸ’‘ _ ☝🏻Here are some tips for managing your proximal hamstring tendinopathy: _ 1️⃣ Deload: the first key in moving forwards with rehabilitation is to get pain and symptoms reduced (reducing irritability of the tendon). Step 1 is to reduce loading ⬇️⚖️ . 2️⃣ Reduce irritability: with a focus on reducing loading through sports and training it can be easy to overlook simple day to day activities that can add loads in other ways. One of these can be sitting which can add compressive loads to the tendon and result in discomfort ⬇️πŸ‘ . 3️⃣ Isometric hamstring exercises can have a pain reducing effect on the tendon. Literature guides us to prescribe 5x30-45s holds, which when trying to reduce symptoms can be done multiple times per day (for example prone band curls, or supine single leg bridges) ⤵️ . 4️⃣ Build hamstring muscle tendon unit strength/capacity: I like to see runners being able to progress to heavy loads through rehabilitation (target 0.2-0.3x body weight with for example 3x 8reps prone single leg hamstring curls with good control) πŸ‹️‍♂️ . 5️⃣ Monitoring the tendon’s response to loading and knowing when to do more or do less is key throughout rehabilitation. While guidelines such as staying within what is ‘acceptable pain levels’ can work for some people I find that the bulk of people do better with a numeric guide such as 5/10 pain may suggest the tendon has ‘done too much work’. This is best assessed 24hr after exercise or loading. ⏰ _ πŸ“ŒTAKE HOME: proximal hamstring tendinopathy is a real pain in the butt. These 5 tips are just a few of the multivariate considerations that need to be given in order to reduce symptoms and return to sport or running. Remain patient and consistent and keep going ✅πŸ‘Ÿ _ ‼️If you know a runner this can help please tag them in ✋🏻 _ ❓Q’s and comments are welcome . . . #physio #physicaltherapy #run #running #runner #rehabilitation #run #runner #running #sportsscience #marathon #marathontraining #strength #triathlon #ultrarunning #trailrunning #trackandfield #tendontuesday

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