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Top 5 Fridays! 5 Gifts of a Traumatic Experience

Dr. Molly Parker, PT, DPT recently posted an interesting infographic on traumatic experiences and the gifts they can bring. Authors of the study she cites noted the points correlated with regrets people had on their deathbeds.
Which one resonates with YOU? . According to UNC-Charlotte PTG Research Group, patients who experience trauma reap the benefits of what's called post-traumatic growth. . Interestingly, they noted that the five top benefits from post-traumatic growth correlate with the five regrets that people had on their deathbeds. . Suggesting that trauma and the subsequent perspective/grow it provides, may help lead to a life of greater clarity and purpose.... and with any luck, less regret. . . If I'm being honest, this took a longgg time for me after my concussion and the whole "life falling apart" thing. . I remember a couple years into my recovery listening to a talk where the woman said she was thankful for her injury. I remember feeling the EXACT OPPOSITE. . BUT...after the dust settled and the rebuilding began, I started to reap the benefits of post-traumatic growth in all categories. . Take this account for example.... I'm a social introvert who didn't care for social media, doesn't like attention on me, hates public speaking (seriously, I would have rather died), and doesn't like to look at myself on video. Now, driven by a higher purpose I love utilizing social media for connection, lecture to doctorate students and practice my public speaking/video skills regularly. All of which leaves me choosing courage over comfort for a higher purpose. It has been incredibly fulfilling. . I look forward to following your journeys and seeing what light the dark has for you. . 🔹️🔹️Take home point: While trauma is unwanted and can create an upheaval of one's life, post-traumatic growth can be a great blessing. What is your biggest area of post-traumatic growth? . . . 🧠Follow👉 @mollyparkerpt for all things concussion
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