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#MMTTV Q&A: Repeated Loading Strategies and Peripheralization: Go or No?

Repeated loading strategies work very well for patient self treatment, and especially for centralization of radiating or radicular symptoms. The Stop Light rule says that peripheralization during a repeated loading movement is ok, as long as the Sx do not remain worse. Remaining worse means the Sx remain increased distally, compared to prior to starting the loading strategy (or any treatment for that matter).

A review of the Stop Light Rule - which you should be using for any treatement or loading strategy is here.

In this video, I am doing a Q&A at a Live Modern Manual Therapy Seminar. The student asked about peripheralization/pain during spinal repeated loading, in this case, unilateral loading, shift correction in standing. The full lumbar mini case video, over 40 minutes split into 2 parts will be on MMT Premium next week, subscribe now to see how I problem solved this chronic "SIJ" condition.

Q&A: Repeated Loading and Peripheralization

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