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Top 5 Fridays! 5 Benefits of Strength Training for Runners

Most sports and their respective coaches have realized the benefits of traditional strength training. However, pure runners are often hesitant due to beliefs in unfounded myths. They may think the added bulk will reduce their speed or economy among other things.

Brad Beer, Running.Physio on instagram put together a great infographic and text that summarizes 5 Benefits for Strength Training for Runners. Check out our fully online seminar on BFR - The Eclectic Approach to Modern Strength Training below!

[STRENGTH SUNDAY] BENEFITS OF STRENGTH TRAINING FOR RUNNERS🏋️‍♂️ _ ☝🏻Endurance runners and coaches cannot neglect strength and conditioning when looking to realise their best running 🏃‍♀️ _ 👉🏻Refreshingly there is a growing awareness amongst runners and coaches of the importance of strength training for optimising endurance running training & performance 💪🏻 _ 👉🏻Benefits of strength training for runners have been shown to include improved: . ⬆️running economy* . ⬆️time to exhaustion at maximal aerobic speed* . ⬆️rate of force development (power)* . ⬆️time trial performance^ . ⬆️anaerobic parameters such as maximal sprint speed^
_ 👉🏻the one that hooks all runners is improvement in time-trial performance _ 📌P.S. I this week recorded an Expert Edition of @physicalperformanceshow with UK based Strength & Conditioning expert Richard Blagrove (author of ‘Strength & Conditioning for Endurance Running’). There were some great informations shared by Richard (release date Thursday 7th Feb 9pm AEST) _ 📌TAKE HOME: aim to get started (or continue) with strength and conditioning exercises as part of your weekly running schedule. Either with 2-3 set gym based sessions OR try 10 minute ‘training unit’ bouts with some key exercises as your week rolls out ✅ _ 💻References: . *STØREN, Ø., Helgerud, J. A. N., Støa, E. M., & Hoff, J. A. N. (2008). Maximal strength training improves running economy in distance runners. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, 40(6), 1087-1092 . ^Blagrove, R.C., Howatson, G. & Hayes, P.R. (2017). Effects of Strength Training on the Physiological Determinants of Middle- and Long-Distance Running Performance: A Systematic Review. Sports Med. _ ‼️If you know someone this can help please tag or share it with them ✋🏻 _ ❓Q’s and comments are welcome . . . #physio #physicaltherapy #strength #rehabilitation #sportsscience #resistance #training

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