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Top 5 Fridays! 5 Cervical and Lumbar Loading Regressions

💪💪After the popular post, Stop Taking Spinal Extension for granted. Some of the clinicians who follow MMT on social media asked for easier methods of loading strategies that would still help with cervical and lumbar extension. This would mainly be for patients unable to perform the Kneeling Kettlebell Plank.

👉Firing posterior chain in a way that doesn't trigger neurotags, or associations of stretch/threat with a certain position often rapidly restores extension
👉if it doesn't rapidly restore quantity, it may still dramatically change quality, or the perception of pinching that often comes with spinal extension when not commonly used
👉prior to trying these exercises, make sure to test cervical/lumbar extension using a cervical retraction/extension and/or lumbar extension in standing or lying

Here are 5 Simple Exercises to Help with Cervical and Lumbar Extension
🔹Banded Isometric Scapular Depression
🔹Self Cervical Mobilization
🔹Isometric/Oscillations for Shoulder ER with Scapular Depression
🔹Partially Unweighted Hip Extension
🔹Banded Partial ROM Deadlifts

For each exercise, I also try variations using slower eccentrics and isometric holds at end range. Eccentric-isometrics are great way to load patterns and rapidly regain ROM actively instead of passively. The goal for any of these exercises to to have the patient be able to regularly load cervical retraction/extension or lumbar extension to help with UQ or LQ MSK complaints. 

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