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Top 5 Fridays! 5 Motor Control Progressions for ACL Rehab

As you many know, I am a huge fan of The Motion Guidance system for rehab and motor control applications. It was one of the first products I featured on EDGE Mobility System that wasn't my own!

I use it routinely, especially with athletes recovering from injuries as they may have residual joint position sense deficits despite being pain free. Here is a sample video of one of the Motion Guidance founders, Eric Dinkins going through a 5 Step Progression for ACL Rehab.

5 Motor Control Progressions for ACL Rehab
Exercise List
  • Double Leg/Single Leg Squat
  • SL Squat Unstable Surface
  • DL Squat Varus/Valgus Reversals
  • SL Squat Varus/Valgus Reversals
  • Step Up/Downs
For each, take note of how the laser and thus patellar tracking deviates too far from an expected normal. Visual guidance and feedback FTW! Eric Dinkins has several webinars on MMT Premium and check out the Motion Guidance Clinician Kit on EDGE Mobility System below!

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