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Ankle Sprain Motor Control and Mobility

After a bilateral ankle inversion sprain, we had to progress slowly with motor control to enhance single limb stance stability. Prior to single limb stance, I wanted to make sure the patient had good motor control in a lunge. 

The first exercise is a Triplanar Lunge. First she lunges forward, trying to keep the laser on the straight forward line. After a few minutes, she is instructed to keep the foot forward as much as possible, lunge on the lateral line. This should emphasize lateral tibial glide and tibial IR, while gently challenging her ankle ligaments. The next instruction is to again keep the foot forward, then try to keep the laser on the medial facing line. This should emphasize medial tibial glide/ER while also lightly challenging the sprained lateral ankle ligaments.

Lastly, holding the lunge, she is instructed to move the laser horizontally along the perpendicular line left to right. This should work again on tibial IR/ER and lateral/medial tibial glide.

For rehab, we used the Motion Guidance Clinician Kit 

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