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#MMTTV Q&A: Everything is Better Except Chronic Numbness

Ben, a MMT Blog reader recently asked...

I have a patient who has a 30 Hx of low back pain, Diagnosed with the usual DDD, lumbago.
She has pain in her low back and bilateral hips that centralizes with press ups in the sagittal plane, back pain has been overall improved. She has bilateral numbness in the 4th and 5th toes, not quite an S1 dermatome but maybe?? sometimes in L4 over the big toe of the L foot.

This numbness has not improved with any interventions.

We have tried hips offset in both directions which improves one side and worsens the numbness in the opposite foot. We went this route because she is restricted in L side glides.

Motor function wise she in unable to perform a bird dog without wt. shifting, bulges her abdomen with a functional curl up, and is shaky and fatigued in modified side plank - used the stuart Mcgill 3 for a screen
We have talked a fair bit about avoiding flexion, learning how to squat better, lift, sit with lumbar support, body mechanics changes all seem to help.
Red flags seem to be clear - she is going for an MRI on her MD recommendation.
Can't get rid of the numbness. Thank you for your time.
Q&A - Everything is Better Except Chronic Numbness

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