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An Objective Way to Assess Single Limb Stance Stability

I learned the variation of this test from Jay Dicharry's course on MedBridgeClinical Examination of the Runner: Assessment, Testing, Gait Correlations, and Corrections. A great course with lots of clinical pearls on assessment and treatment for runners and many other lower quarter conditions.

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Jay's variation is a step down rather than lateral step down from a step, but the scoring is very similar. Many of us just use our oculometers and some sort of random good, fair, or poor score; I thought this was a great way to make single leg squat/step down test objective.

The scoring is based on x/6 (in the video I say deduct, but really add from 0) - higher is worse quality movement.

0-1 is considered good quality movement
2-3 is considered fair quality movement
4+ is considered poor quality movement

Single Leg Step Down Test

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