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Healthcare DisruPTion- The Launch of Greatness with Mitch Babcock

What do mindset, mentors, and Twitter have in common? They are three of the keys to success as highlighted by our latest guest during his interview with Jerry Durham, #freshPT and new #PTbiz owner, Dr. Mitch Babcock, PT of Fitness Tx. (

FitnessTx is about aiding your pursuit of greater health.
Dr Mitch Babcock is a Physical Therapist and CrossFit Level I Trainer with a primary purpose of helping others pursue a greater state of health through fitness. After receiving his bachelor’s degree in exercise science, Mitch went on to receive his Doctorate in physical therapy to better understand the human movement system and help others recover from the injuries & limitations hindering their performance. With personal training experience in CrossFit, as a NPC physique competitor & in endurance events, Mitch continues to test his physical potential daily in order to better help you reach yours. 

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