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Top 5 Fridays! Top 5 Posts of 2016 So Far

It's that time of the year again! Like the best TV shows from the 80s and 90s, it's a flashback episode because content recycling is easier than new content (coming again next week - don't worry!)

These posts have been some of our most popular so far, and I only wrote one of them! Special thanks to the MMT Team for producing such amazing content.

  • a quick and novel variation on upper thoracic mobilization
  • done in WB and involves shoulder elevation and trunk rotation

  • by Dr. Dennis Truebig, DPT
  • just because the rotator cuff has been repaired, does not mean you shouldn't screen the cervical spine
  • same goes for the thoracic spine
  • stuck in phase 1? You still have plenty to treat!
  • by Dr. Christine Walker, DPT
  • how you can screen multiple areas in a novel and threat free way
  • via rising star Sian Smale, one of MMT's most popular contributors!
  • read this post for a great review on red flags, and what to look for in serious pathology, nerve root compression, spinal cord compromise, and more!

  • two posts in the top 5 for Dr. Dennis Truebig!
  • it was a close race between this and Red Flags, but E-stim is apparently several hundred more views popular!
  • this makes me think I should do a modalities blog and be 10 million times more popular

Thanks for reading as always, 2016 has been the biggest year for the blog so far, going multi-author, becoming Modern Manual Therapy Blog - but keeping the url for SEO reasons. 

Interested in live cases where I apply this approach and integrate it with pain science, manual therapy, repeated motions, IASTM, with emphasis on patient education? Check out Modern Manual Therapy!

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