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The Movement Fix Podcast Ep 12

Podcast Ep. 12 with Dr. E

In this episode of The Movement Fix Podcast, I am joined by Dr. Erson Religioso, aka Dr. E, from, and This is the second time Dr. E has joined me for a podcast. If you haven’t listened to our first podcast together, you can find it here. Click here to listen to the podcast!
I consider Dr. E a mentor of mine and it is always a privilege and a pleasure to have him on the podcast. This podcast was a very off the cuff conversation he and I had with no agenda other than talking about things that were on our minds, but here is a basic list of items we discuss:
  • Mobility as a skill
  • Why Erson only eats vegetables
  • Why stiffness during movement can be a GOOD thing
  • The importance of the relative stiffness
  • Erson’s thoughts on PRI
  • and MUCH more!

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