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Top 5 Fridays! 5 Resume Must Haves for Healthcare #BizPT #DPTstudent



Thanks again to my partner Dr. Ben Fung over at UpDoc Media for this great post!

Regardless if you are a new grad, recent grad, or seasoned professional, let’s get a few things straight. Despite small differences in the practices of the physician, nursing, rehab therapy, ancillary, support, and facility professions, no one cares about where you went to school, what your GPA was, what you other test scores were, or anything else. There are over 200 PT schools, nearly 2000 nursing programs, and roughly 150 medical schools in the United States. I can guarantee that no hiring manager knows all of them.

Chances are, unless you went to a big name university, no one will know or care about where you went to school. Rather, they will be more interested with where you did your clinical rotations. This leads us to our first tip - click here to keep reading on UpDoc Media.



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