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Top 5 Fridays! Top 5 Viewed Videos on Youtube

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Here are the Top 5 Viewed Videos as of June 2015.

5) Dry Needling to Quadratus Lumborum

  • this was the first time I experienced DN, plus I was also having a recurrent radiating right LE pain that I had even sought out help from Drs Perry Nickelston and Zac Cupples
  • while both of their strategies helped, what immediately got rid of it for months (without any reinforcement in HEP - which I did purposefully as an experiment)
  • it was quite a twitch response, so much so that the practitioner had difficulty removing the needle!
  • my preferred method for mid thoracic thrust manipulation
  • follow up with thoracic whips after motion is restored
  • looking for ankle mobility? Here are several ways to improve it
  • follow up with these Ankle Resets to reinforce the new motion
  • this has previously been my #1 viewed video, probably for the extra large cavitation during the manip, you can even hear the student filming it gasp
  • this is my preferred CT junction manip, over the prone smash the patient's nose and face into the table one
  • follow up with the next video for reset/reinforce
  • hopefully it's a trend that the highest viewed video is for self treatment, rather than a passive one you cannot perform on yourself!
  • I go over how to keep pain and mobility improved with a series of repeated motion strategies

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