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Top 5 Fridays! 5 More Uses for EDGE Mobility Bands

If I would have known all the great uses for EDGE Mobility Bands, I would have initially named them EDGE Versatility Bands!

If you have been limiting your treatments or mobility drills to just wrapping and exercising, you're missing out!

1) Making Joint Mobilizations more comfortable

  • Have a frozen shoulder that is intolerant to mobilizations and movement?
  • wrap the arm as gently but proximally as possible
  • re-check mobilizations and mobility, often the band modulates any threat or stretch perception
  • same thing goes for knees, ankles, hips or any other part of an extremity
  • wrap the area that has the most perceived stretch or discomfort

2) Use them to provide resistance to a functional IR scratch/MRE retraining
3) For Golf Retraining
  • after you regain thoracic/hip/shoulder mobility, have them perform assisted/resisted mobility work in the new range

4) Self Talocrural Mobilization

  • this one is pretty self explanatory, alternative, can do it in a lunge position like below
5) Self Soft Tissue Mobilization

  • any place that benefits from light skin scraping via IASTM or taping for novel and comfortable skin stimulation can benefit from this easy technique
  • lightly wrap the EDGE Mobility Band around the area of perceived threat/discomfort and rotate it or the limb around it to promote skin stimluation and mobility.

Any other novel uses for EDGE Mobility Bands? Chime in below or on the facebook page!

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