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Q&A Time! When is a Red Light a Red Light or Too Much Pain for Treatment?

I think the Stop Light Rule is probably too easy for most people to interpret correctly.

A review of it is here in video form, as I find lots of questions on this topic getting asked regularly. So the Q&A was from an online mentee of mine who has taken an MDT Online module. He brought a case to me stating she had very painful and limited active and passive straight leg raise with radiating leg pain below the knee. SGIS improved her lumbar pain, but not her leg pain and forward bending and leg raise continued to be painful, using them as pre and post test measures of function.

I asked him, have you tried using IASTM or an EDGE Band
plus the corkscrew to modulate that perception of limitation during ASLR and PSLR? He reply, "No, it's a Red Light." I asked, "What do you mean? The test movement is not a Red Light, what happens only after a series of repeated movements, treatments, or positions is when you classify that particular intervention as Red, Yellow, or Green.

He asked, but what about her severe pain and limitation? I simply stated, you don't know until you try. To make a short story shorter, he ended up doing The Corkscrew with an EDGE Mobility Band and her 30 degree limited and painful ASLR and PSLR turned into a 90 pain free ASLR/PSLR after a few sets.

Remember, pain, even severe pain is not a Red Light, in fact, that is when the patient needs you the most, whether your intevention is Pain Science, Breathing, Positional Relief, or Repeated Motions. Make sure you document pre and post baselines of pain location and intensity, as well as duration to see if you really are making them worse for more than 3-5 minutes, if it is temporarily increased, 1-3 minutes, and can be "walked off," or if it's just better. You will not find out unless you try, and that's what they are there for, your expertise!

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