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Top 5 Fridays! 5 Courses I am Looking Forward To This Year

Sometimes it's great to take a break from teaching on the road and just sitting back, moving and learning! Here are 5 Courses I am looking forward to taking this year.

5 Courses I am Looking Forward to

1) SFMA 2
  • It's been 3 years since I first took the SFMA and it has really helped dictate treatment and find asymmetries I otherwise may have overlooked
  • since I have no formal training in the 4x4 Corrective Exercise Matrix, I thought it was time to hear it from the horse's mouth
  • hopefully Boston can dig itself out this weekend!

  • I loved KinetaCore's FDN Level 1 - review here
  • also, being in NY, I do not often get to use TDN other than educational or for literal "practice" so taking their Functional Therapeutics Level 1 to log more sessions and practice the psychomotor skill will be very useful

  • RedCord Equipment is an amazing way to turn any movement/exercise into a closed chain exercise
  • you can have a near infinite way to progress and regress any movement and mitigate threat
  • I want to delve into the system a bit more before I have one installed for my practice in Houston

  • I recently read and reviewed Anatomy for Runners here
  • since I am both a auditory and visual learner, I was psyched to see Jay Dicharry offer courses on MedBridge
  • if you are a runner or treat runners, you need to read or take these courses!

  • I first saw Adriaan Louw assisting David Butler in 2002 during one of the first Explain Pain Courses in the USA
  • I highly recommend his text Therapeutic Neuroscience Education, but again, after just reading the text, I want to hear him lecture about the same research and ways to interact with your patient

To save on MedBridge, use this link and help support The Manual Therapist! Remember, I have two courses, The Eclectic Approach to TMD and The Eclectic Approach to Clinical Neurodynamics as well!

What courses are in your CE future?

Keeping it Eclectic...

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