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Top 5 Fridays! 5 of My Favorite Online Resources

While out to dinner with a group of blog readers in NYC recently, someone asked, "What blogs do you read?"

If you saw my feedly blog subscription feed that was just for PT/movement based resources, this would be quite a long list. I read at least 1-2 hours of work based material daily. My current 5 favorite sites would be the following

  • this blog critically analyzes running research
  • you can find many links on his site on barefoot running, running economy, injury prevention/prediction and more
  • Kudos to author Craig Payne who I hope to interview someday!

  • if you've ever heard Gray speak, you would know that he is an amazing, charismatic, and eloquent speaker, that just happens to have a southern accent
  • Gray's blog follows his movement and strength/capacity based ideas, and offers either a reading, or listening based format on each post, perfect for a commute!

  • this is one of the few blogs with consistent, quality content that makes me think about Gait Analysis and LQ structure
  • I also highly recommend their Level 1 Online Shoe Fit course, my review can be found here
  • they consistently combine biomechanics, with neurologic concepts and movement patterns in a way that contrasts my "everything should be easy" approach
  • They also regularly podcast, definitely one to add to your podcast folder if you are an auditory rather than visual listener

  • yes, these are two separate blogs, but I put them in my Butler/Moseley category of must read Pain Science Material
  • embracing the concepts of Pain Science should transform your framework and the way you conceptualize and handle a patient interaction
  • Body in Mind is more full of research reviews versus NOI Jam is more regularly written with stories, analogies, and Neuroscience Nuggets you can apply to your caseload

  • Chris Johnson has mastered the art of the perfectly paced video, they are all snippets of motor control or strengthening videos
  • you can tell he practices for hours working on his movement (and I know that for a fact)
  • you will find all kinds of drills with progressions and regressions, for multi-sport athletes and particularly runners

Obviously this list is much larger, and you can find most of my regularly supported and shared blogs on my twitter and facebook pages. I'd like to give honorable mentions to pals Charlie Weingroff, Ben Fung, and my top Physio Answers contributors, Aaron Swanson, The Hybrid Perspective, Eat, Run, Rehabilitate, John Rusin, Direct Performance PT, Seth Oberst, Dan Pope, Julie Wiebe, and The Movement Fix.

You can't go wrong with any of the above sites material! The OMPT Daily is updated several times/day by myself and 3 other contributors with all of the above material and more!

Keeping it Eclectic...

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