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Quick Case: Runner with Chronic Hip and Knee Pain

At a recent Eclectic Approach to UQ and LQ Assessment and Treament in Vancouver, a physio who was also a high level distance runner was assessed by both Chris Johnson and myself. The full video will be posted soon on The OMPT Channel later this week.

Chris found some moderate ankle dorsiflexion restrictions on the involved right side. He used his what I call the Johnson ankle mobility test, which was positive. If you missed Friday's 5 Ankle Reset post, I go over the reset for this finding here.

Per LQ Clinical Practice Patterns for right chronic hip and knee pain she had a loss of
  • sidegliding in standing to the right 
  • passive knee extension 
  • hip flexion and IR 
  • ankle dorsiflexion
These were reset with
  • pain free right QL and psoas techniques 
  • shift correction in standing to the right 
  • light IASTM to lateral thigh and tibial patterns 
  • IASTM to anterior talus and bony contours of the superior calcaneus 
  • repeated end range loading to right knee extension 
  • right ankle plantarflexion and inversion 
As homework she was given - you guessed it
  • sidegliding in standing to the right 
  • repeated knee extension 
  • repeated ankle plantarflexion and inversion 
Chris also gave her some marching drills to work on her symmetry.

She emailed me 3 weeks later, posting this review of my course - Thanks Karly - and stated she was running pain free for 3 runs since the course and keeping up with her homework. 

What's the take home? A chronic, long standing condition can have a rapid resolution and the appropriate HEP will keep the improvements going.

Keeping it Eclectic....

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