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Top 5 Posts of 2014!

It's not Friday, but it is the end of the year! 2014 was a great year for The Manual Therapist!

The blog had about 1.6 million views this year, and to think it took almost 2 years to reach 1 million! This year, a recurring theme was Pain Free Techniques and Easy Assessments. Shouldn't they all be that way? Here are this year's Top 5 Posts thanks to you!

5) Top 5 Fridays! 5 Things to Address for Ankle Dorsiflexion That Are Not The Talocrural Joint
  • ankle motion/pain not improving? 
  • perhaps you should look in places that are you know, not the talocrural joint

  • when you come across articles that should change the way you practice or your mindset, but you stay the same, that's your choice
  • if you continue to beat on your patients hoping to deform fascia or break up scar tissue after reading and absorbing this information, that just makes you a sadist, not a therapist
  • these techniques are popular, but often noxious
  • these series of posts are very popular, because it's novel to have a normally noxious technique be used in a pain free manor
  • EVERY technique should be pain free, not just the ones that are listed as pain free!
  • clinical experience makes you recognize practice patterns, allowing you to take shortcuts for your decision making
  • here are 5 that I have found I see commonly with plantarfasciitis (or osis)
  • sometimes a knee patient is just a knee patient and you do not always have to address the ankle, hip, single limb stance stability, or the lumbar spine
  • regardless, an easy way to address the proximal DP of the knee is to check for loss of passive terminal knee extension, it's an easy assessment and even easier self treatment
Thanks for reading, sharing, and supporting The Manual Therapist! Looking forward to a great 2015 and meeting some of you at The Eclectic Approach Seminars!

Keeping it Eclectic....

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