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Tuesday Newsday!

Lots of updates today!

First up, two OMPT Channel Updates, if you don't follow me on social media as well. An online consult has been posted to the Assessment Channel of a DPT in clinical residency with right hip pain.

Also, I am going to start filming mini webinars for The Eclectic Approach Clinical Practice Patterns. Basically, the presentations will cover common findings for SFMA and Repeated Motions Exams. This should help you cut down on your clinical decision making and look to these quick screens for asymmetries and directional preference. The first will be Clinical Practice Patterns of The Shoulder. It will be released sometime next week!

The Eclectic Approach to UQ and LQ Assessment and Treatment Vancouver, BC early bird pricing ends in three weeks. You can register here! The course will be assisted by none other than the marching master of motor control, Chris Johnson!

Keeping it Eclectic....

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