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Help With Running Analysis: Your Thoughts?

Some of you OMPT Channel Subscribers may have seen this online consult with a young DPT with chronic hip pain.

After finding his directional preference and hip extension/IR loss, he has been able to return to running. However, his chronic hip pain still comes and goes. He has 3-4 days of feeling very good, and being able to run and work out, then Sx return. He is very compliant with his home program of rolling patterns to promote active hip extension with the involved side (prone right leg leading DN), as well as SGIS or another type of loading the right lumbar spine. These tend to centralize his complaints and improve his hip ROM.

Other treatments like PRI and glut strengthening on the opposite side immediately flared up his complaints. Since it seemed as if a few days of running Sx free could be negating any positive effects from the resets he is performing (along with use of a lumbar roll and night roll while sleeping), I requested a running video to be shot and emailed to me. I have his permission to post it on social media and my blog for additional thoughts. What are you seeing? Comment below or on the facebook page. Thanks from myself and the patient in advance for any insight or thoughts you may have!

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