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EDGE Mobility Band: New Thoracic Applications

Thanks to Drs. Gene Shirokobrod, PT, DPT, OMPT and Maureen Ambrose, PT, DPT, OMPT for sending me these videos with The EDGE Mobility Band!

Gene officially invited me to be part of the Therapy Insiders Podcast, so look for new casts to be recorded between 3-4 times/monthly when we get into that new groove! My interview can be found here.

The first video is for thoracic mobility, you can double up the band behind you to give a bit more P/A force and this should be very comfortable!

The next is a way to restore some stability once you have that new mobility. Golfers in particular or other rotational athletes like tennis and hockey players may also try something similar. The possibilities are endless!

Intrigued? Visit The EDGE Mobility System on facebook, use coupon code BSPHYCTWBR79 to get 10% off of your order! Must be on desktop only.

Keeping it Eclectic....

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