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The Easiest Knee Test Ever

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If any of you have watched my Head to Toe Resets Video on my youtube channel, you would know that the common directional preference for the knee is extension.

There is often a loss of passive end range extension in a dysfunction knee joint. With all the SFMA and joint by joint approach many of us take, it is easy to forget to treat the proximal DP.

So what's this easy assessment? Try looking at passive end range knee extension just like this.

Left knee involved side - heel barely off the table with firm anterior distal femur stabilization

right knee uninvolved side - expected passive end range knee hyperextension
That's it! Told you it was easy. Remember as a rule to an end range loading reset strategy, the directional preference is often contrary to the direction that is most stretched or used. In this case, of a closed chain activity, that would be overloading the knee into flexion, and having a loss of extension (that no one checks).

The reset is just as easy for the HEP and is shown in a previous post here. In summary, if there is a loss of passive end range extension on the involved side knee, address that first, then go after the single limb stance stability, ankle and hip mobility issues, lumbar SGIS to the involved side, etc...

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