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Shoulder Reset: 3 Variations

I decided to make a quick and easy video ala Chris Johnson on the variations of the Shoulder Reset I teach to patients.

Key Points

  • use this as HEP after you restore the motion with any manual treatment
  • test pain, function, ROM prior to instructing the reset
  • often, if indicated as a directional preference, passive shoulder extension with shoulder IR will be limited on the involved side versus the uninvolved side
  • the movement itself may be uncomfortable, but should only be a strong stretch with occasional paraesthesia
  • like any technique or exercise it should never be painful
  • choose the variation which works best for the patient and enables them to get to end range with the most comfort
  • re-test pain, function, movement, instruct on 10 times/hourly or as needed to maintain improvements 

Keeping it Eclectic (and easy)....

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