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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links come from Direct Performance PT, In Touch PT, and Aaron Swanson

OMPT Channel Update! Online Wrist/Elbow Consult. This one was inconclusive, but it's more about the process of elimination than anything for learning purposes. Under the Assessments Channel.

Onto The Quick Links!

Do you maximize the placebo effect in your PT Sessions? You may and not realize it, or you may not and are missing out on a potentially powerful enhancement for your outcomes. Read this post by Dr. Jacob McCrowell for more info!

Dr. Harrison Vaughn wrote about patient expectations (just another way of looking at the placebo effect) and what a researcher may say to his patients. I'd say it does need to be jazzed up a bit, or at least not so wordy. I tend to keep things simple when communicating with my patients. Brief and to the point, educating them on what we know happens and does not happen, but without being too technical.

Dr. Aaron Swanson reviewed The Foundation Strength Course and came away with 40 great points. It sounds like an amazing course taught by both Gray Cook and Brett Jones. I'll have to add it to my list after a Strong First course, whenever that may be.

For more Quick Links, be sure to read The OMPT Daily!

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