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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links are from Adam Kelly, NOI Jam, and EIM.

Ever shoot a video by request and forget to write the blog post and/or make it public on your youtube channel? Happens to me quite a bit actually! YMMV. Adam Kelly wrote a post and made a video for such a request regarding tibial IR and using the EDGE Mobility Band to improve it. Check it out here!

With all we know about how pain is an output from the CNS, you would think more would be done on alternative treatments like hypnotism. My take on it would be like most treatments, it may be administered by a clinician who is not well trained or seasoned in it. NOI Jam goes over a researcher who uses hypnosis for chronic pain, but a different method. It's a very interesting post, read it here. Bonus NOI Jam Neuroscience Nugget, You Old Self Healer You, is a great way to talk to patients in pain!

At EIM's blog, Tim Flynn recently blogged about a problem in an APTA Motion with the intention of promoting Excellence in PT Professional Education. It brings up the long standing problem of those going for advanced degrees. They supposedly qualify these faculty to teach clinical based courses. How many of your PT instructors were also clinicians? I was fortunate and had a FAAOMPT for my ortho prof who owned his own practice. We have 2 strikes against our PT education at this point. PhD's or equivalent teaching clinical courses but who are not clinicians, or were not very good ones. Or in a reverse case, but even more of an issue, excellent clinicians teaching courses and then sending students out to really terrible clinical experiences. What can improve this?

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