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What's on My Plate?

The last 3.5 years have been an amazing journey of professional evolution and clinical change. I felt the need to update you on what's been going on and what I have planned for the near future.

As some of you know, I took some paternity leave when my beautiful fourth baby girl was born on Feb 16, 2014. I have only taken cash patients on a concierge basis since then. However, with EDGE Mobility System sales and The Eclectic Approach going international, I now have an opportunity to evolve EDGE Rehab and Sport Science to the next level.

I cannot say specifics for now, but I have accepted a position as Medical Director of an upcoming company that is focusing on treating professional athletes and other high level athletes that are close to "making it" but may be sidelined by injury and poor care. For me, it will be a combination of telehealth and some travel occasionally away from my family, whose has been enjoying the extra time with their dad. The telehealth will include
  • SFMA/FMS and MDT movement screening/assessment
  • Capnotrainer assessment to teach better breathing and buffering
  •  me directing manual treatment and rehab if needed
photobombing SFMA UB Lab Manual - going to miss this place!

I gave notice to my great friend and former mentee Dr. Terry Rose, that I would not be returning as a regular contractor last week, and it was bittersweet. However, in the 3 months I have been out of the clinic regularly, he has grown so busy that his numbers are even better than when I was there! Locally, I still plan on operating EDGE Rehab and Sport Science as a concierge and cash based practice, seeing somewhere between 5-10 patients/week.  However, I can now finally go completely cash based with much less risk to the mouths I have to feed. It is a big change! The first time in 16 years I will not be in "regular" clinical practice.

Con Ed courses I plan on taking
Part of my new business venture is working with USTAF, and then expanding onto other sports. That is why I'm concentrating on the Running Coach, Shoe Fit, and Y Balance, plus the PRI to help with some symmetry that I cannot restore using my traditional methods.

Con Ed Teams I am Part Of/Joining
  • A team in Italy that incluedes RockTape, Andreo Spina, Dr Ma (TDN), James Dunning, and myself - what an honor to be among that group! - kinda like The Avengers of the Sports/Rehab World!
  • TherAdvance continues to host me in Chile
  • Shane Physiotherapy going to regularly host in Vancouver
  • Regular Eclectic Approach courses (annually) hosted by Leomil Adriano in the Philippines
  • shooting The Eclectic Approach to Neurodynamics, and The Eclectic Approach to TMD for MedBridge next week! - sign up if you have not already!
Spreading the Eclectic Approach online and in person....

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