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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links come from Running Research Junkie, Browdering, and Aaron Swanson.

The Manual Therapist has won for best overall blog! Thank you for your support! A big congrats to all the other winners, it's an honor to be among these great clinicians in social media. Chris Johnson, Mike Reinold and I will be announcing our google plus hangout time/date soon!

What are the main risk factors for running injuries? Are they modifiable if we know them? Click here to find out what the review found and it's weaknesses as a study.

What does a hedgehog have to do with business? David Browder writes another great #BizPT related post based on the essay "The Hedgehog and the Fox." I'd like to think EDGE Mobility System is steamrolling the competition as well!

If you've yet to bite the bullet on the FMS and/or SFMA courses, but want more info, or are using either/both you still need to read up on them. Aaron Swanson wrote a great post recently entitled 4 Mistakes People Make When Using the FMS/SFMA. Read on to clear up some misconceptions you may have about either system.

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