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Vidcast Wednesdays! Explaining Directional Preference

If there is one thing you learn from blogging daily, it's that learning requires repetition! Thus today is a catch up day for me, so I thought I would review with a quick Vidcast!

Directional Preference Explanation Points
  • most areas of the body have a simple direction they can be loaded in for self treatment of pain, limited ROM, and function
  • used to be based on disc "jelly donut" theory, but works all over the body, most of which does not have reducible discs
    • I try not to mention disc as much as possible (or at all)
  • this directional preference is often contrary to a direction the patient repeatedly loads themselves in
  • so they often lose ROM in the directional preference
  • end range loading transmits works just like mobilization/manipulation - bombarding the CNS with proprioceptive information, resetting the alarm in the brain that locks down an area
  • self treatment has to involve either prolonged progression toward the end range of the directional preference, or preferrably, repeated loading
  • for rapid responders, which most patients fall into, finding their optimal "dosage" of repeated end range loading depends on how often they are negating the reset with unloading activities (flexion if extension makes them better, trunk rotation right if thoracic whips left make them better, etc)

Thanks to Matthew for asking this question in The Manual Therapists Forum. Hope it helped, next week will be a review of other important Eclectic Approach concepts.

Bonus, the video where I demonstrate how to reset each area of the body.
Keeping it Eclectic...

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