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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links come from Cinema Says, The Gait Guys, and Body in Mind.

Cinema Says is back with another great interview from a PT with an entrepreneurial spirit, Heidi Jennenga, founder of WebPT. I had a chance to use WebPT a few times when I worked for a contracting home care company last year and was impressed with it's interface and usability. Check out Heidi's company culture and how she balances home/family life and work.

The Gait Guys are back with a case of a "Simple Ankle Sprain." Click on through to see why it is not. I love how this dynamic duo are always making you think with their informative posts.

Body in Mind reviewing low back pain research regarding mechanical loading? What's next? Still, it's refreshing to see reviews out there still looking at physical capacity and mechanical/cumulative reasons for pain other than the in vogue pain as an output we all refer to these days.

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