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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links are from NOI Jam, MedBridge, and Dr. Mark Cheng, plus an OMPT Channel Update!

The latest OMPT Channel video is up! It's more with Dr. Ryan DeBell of themovementfix.com. This time we go over improving Functional Shoulder IR with the EDGE Mobility Ball. Under the EDGE Mobility System Channel.

Looking for more Neuroscience Nuggets? David Butler has been publishing them regularly on NOI Jam. This one is "Your Muscles are Dry," a metaphor for why you should keep moving.

What are we missing with movement screening? Dr. Greg Lehman, of thebodymechanic.ca, goes over why our movement screens do not cast as big of a net as we need them to. Posted on MedBridge, who I am shooting two Eclectic Approach Courses for very soon! If you join now, there is still $100 off the current yearly subscription for an amazing selection of professionally shot and produced web courses! It's a great and convenient way to get your CEUs!

Dr. Mark Cheng wrote a post that really resonated with me as a father trying to promote core family values and the importance of fitness and activity in my young children. His kid is lucky, I wish my kids could train in both traditional Chinese Martial Arts AND Filipino! The best of both worlds!

One more thing, Chris Johnson will be interviewing me live after my upcoming shoots for MedBridge later this week. We are looking for two questions regarding neurodynamics and TMD from our social media. Either email them to me or leave them in the comment section below. Thanks for participating!

Keeping it Eclectic...

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