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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links come from Browdering, Aaron Swanson, and Seth Oberst

David Browder has updated the #BizPT based Jobs Applied series with Bend Reality. He asks several questions that private practice owners may have to ask themselves in the near future.

Could you fill a schedule with patients paying $200 cash?
Sure hope so!

Could you provide services if the most you could be paid per visit was $55?
We get reimbursed lower, so yeah!
Could you take care of 24 patients in a day if you were the only therapist?
I have and it sucks, never will again.

Could you see 15 new patients every day in a walk-in clinic?
No, and I hope no one has to, unless they work 15 hour days.
Could you provide excellent clinical care to 3 patients at the same time?
Not alone, and I don't really think it's possible either, any more than your stylist can give you an excellent cut working with two other clients simultaneously.
Could you base your income on your outcomes?
I sincerely hope I can!

What about you?

What is Aaron Swanson reading in March? Click here for his version of Quick Links that is monthly, thus has a lot more content, and different from what I normally feature.

One of Physio Answers' newest contributors, Seth Oberst gives you tips for getting the most out of your coaching cues. Learn how to Use an External Focus to Increase Performance.

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