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Part 2 of My Interview with Cinema Says!

Here is an excerpt...

In Part 1 we explored Dr. Erson Religioso III‘s professional development. Now lets dive into a few of his current ventures. Enjoy!
EDGE Mobility System is a growing contribution to the world of practicing physical therapists. What drove the development of these tools?

I was treating the son of a local chiropractor college faculty member. He saw myself and my co-workers doing tissue work and manipulation, and later brought in his very expensive set of stainless steel tools for me to use. I loved the way they felt against skin and the sensitivity they had, but for years, never wanted to pay the money for the courses and the tools. So I just made my own! EDGE/EDGEility Tools are now used in every professional sport in the US (that I can tell from my sales by who the tools are going to, or by ATCs contacting me personally), and I have distributors in Asia, Europe, South America, and Canada. I am blessed that all this crazy blogging I do pays off with social media sharing and exposure!
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