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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links come from Zac Cupples, The Atlantic, and Mike Reinold.

If you followed my Quick Link last week to Zac Cupples' site and clicked on his most recent post, you'll know that he recently saw David Butler live, for a Explain Pain Course. Here is a video from Zac's youtube channel with a really novel way of explaining neurodynamics and sliding/gliding of the nervous system using some theratubing.

Many of us are familiar with left brain, right brain theory and I often refer to myself as right brained in my writing and speaking, also because I am left hand dominant. Have you heard about top and bottom brain? The Atlantic reviews this and the theory of Cognitive Modes. It's a very interesting read if you're into the brain like I am!

My partner in crime, Mike Reinold recently had a great guest post on Concussion. If you follow athletic literature, or you have younger kids or patients, you'll know just how much of an issue concussions are, with not only diagnosis, but treatment as well. I do not look at Convergence (and it's not the latest YA Novel), but I will start! Thanks for the great post and information!

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