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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links come from Physio Blogger, The Science of Sport, and Charlie Weingroff.
Physio Blogger is back in business after taking a hiatus from blogging, this time on exercises for the difficult to reach lower cervical/upper thoracic area. I enjoy reading his posts because his approach is so different from mine. I worked with someone for a few years who trained quite a bit with Gary Gray and I respect their way of looking at things and how they prescribe functional exercise. I like the exercises for myself, but have moved away from instructing them for patients. Still I remain open to other approaches as there is no panacea.

What is the secret to why so many Jamaicans have amazing sprint performance? The Science of Sport, as usual, does a great breakdown on a study on knee symmetry, relation to sprint performance, and how the media once again takes a study and incorrectly generalizes it.

Dr. Charlie Weingroff did a great Q&A on the relationship between glut activation and ankle dorsiflexion. He cites some research, but also gives his take based on movement patterns and anatomy trains. A great read as always.

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