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Top 5 Fridays! Top 5 Posts of 2013

Thanks to my loyal readers for making 2013 the biggest year for The Manual Therapist yet!

2013 saw the launch of several new EDGE Mobility System Products, The Eclectic Approach Seminars were offered in Florida, New York, Massachusettes, Rhode Island, Illinois, Texas, Ontario, and South America! 2014 will be even bigger!

Here are the Top 5 Posts of 2013 each with thousands of views!

5) Eclectic Strategies for Thoracic Mobility

  • I just refreshed and reviewed this recently
  • the thoracic spine often doesn't hurt, but is often dysfunctional
  • working on DNs is less threatening than DPs, but can help the DP due to regional interdependence
  • whether or not you see shoulder patients in your practice, you should be looking for these patterns in UQ patients
  • less than 10% of all lower back pain patients will have true SIJ dysfunction
  • rule out the lumbar spine first with repeated motions
  • assess the hip and look for tissue dysfunction in the ipsilateral psoas and QL as well
2) 5 Ways to Improve Overhead Deep Squat Parts 1 and 2
  • what's with all the controversy with the overhead deep squat?
  • it's not that the ODS is a necessary functional movement for many sports or ADLs, but it is merely a screen for shoulder, thoracic, hip, knee, tibial, ankle mobility, as well as balance and stability
    • who doesn't need those things?
drum roll please!

1) 5 Reasons Why You Should Be Using RockTape

  • from their open source methods of teaching to their updated neurophysiologic theories, FMT 1 and 2 courses are must takes!
  • RockTape also sticks much better than other brands, it's worth the price! 
Keeping it Eclectic and looking forward to 2014.... thanks for all your support, questions, and answers!

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